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  • ZMJ Series Slurry Pump
ZMJ Series Slurry Pump

ZMJ Series Slurry Pump

ZMJ Series Slurry Pump


ZMJ series slurry pump is a high efficiency, energy saving, single stage and single suction centrifugal slurry pump developed by our factory. According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal (ZXJ series) and vertical (ZFJ series). Horizontal pumps are divided into 350mm, 300mm, 250mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm, 80mm, 65mm, 50mm, 40mm and other specifications according to the outlet diameter. And the vertical pumps are 250mm, 200mm, 150mm, 100mm, 80mm, 65mm, 50mm, 40mm and other specifications.

This series of slurry pumps have innovations in hydraulic design and structural design. Flow-parts are made of self-developed anti-abrasion high-chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron. They have high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, light weight and reasonable structure, reliable operation, low vibration, low noise, easy maintenance and other salient features. Suitable for power, metallurgy, coal, building materials and other industries, the processing medium is abrasive or corrosive slurry containing solid particles. Solid-liquid mixed concentration mortar is 45%; ore slurry is 60%, medium temperature ≤60 °C. This series of pumps can be used in multiple stages or cascade. 

This series of slurry pumps have passed the ministerial-level new product identification and provincial energy-saving certification. It is concluded that the performance of the pump is at the leading level in China, and the efficiency index reaches the international advanced level.

ZMJ series slurry pumps have been listed as the Ministry of Energy’s power achievement promotion project, and are selected products promoted by the Ministry of Metallurgy and Coal. It is listed as the main machine selection product for 50-300MW thermal power units by the Ministry of Power Planning and Design Institute and the Equipment Complete Bureau.

Design and Features

1. Large shaft diameter reduces shaft deflection and vibration to protect bearing life

2. The shaft sleeve and O-ring can completely protect the bearing from the pumping medium

3. The bolt is not in contact with the medium, avoiding the possibility of corrosion and abrasion

4. The stuffing box can be cooled and is easy to maintain

5. There are a variety of seals to choose from: cartridge type, single end face, double end face, tandem mechanical seal or hydrodynamic seal

6. Impeller without blockage

7. The wear of hydraulic components is small. The vortex generated by the impeller drives the rotation of liquid and solid particles, reducing the contact between solid particles and hydraulic components

8. Back door structure design: it can be disassembled without changing the pipeline and motor

9. The standard bearing protection method is protected by a labyrinth seal and liquid retaining ring

10. The bearing box can be equipped with large oil lubricated bearings (or grease lubricated bearings), allowing V-belt drive and direct drive

11. The life of rolling bearings is more than 25000 hours 


Capacity: up to 4000 m3 / h (17, 6000 US gpm)

Total head: up to 95 m (180ft)

Max operating pressure: 15 bar

Temperature operating range: -30 °C ~ 140 °C (-22 to 284 °F)

Max speed: up to 3600rpm at 60HZ

Higher capacities and heads designs are available on request.

Standard material

Ferrochrome with high hardness and high strength can maximize the life of corrosion resistance

Other materials are available on request


Mining and mineral processing

Polymer (sand and gravel)

Powder (Bottom ash of flue gas desulfurization, lime slurry)

Food industry


Chemical slurry

Factory manufacturing 

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