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  • YJ Series Cantilever Submersible Pump
YJ Series Cantilever Submersible Pump

YJ Series Cantilever Submersible Pump


YJ Series Cantilever Submersible Pump



The YJ pump is a vertical, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever type submersible pump, which uses a cylindrical pipe (column) to connect the hydraulic components and the plate of the pump. The discharge pipe is separated from the column, and the shaft sealing against the medium is avoided. The pump does not have a guide bearing in the submerged part, capable for transporting the medium containing solid particles.  

According to the size and nature of the solid particles in the medium, the pump impeller is divided into two forms, namely closed impeller and open impeller. When the medium contains more particles and the size is larger, the open impeller is used. The insertion depth of the pump depends on the number of motor poles, and the size of the bearing frame can be changed in the range of 700-1800mm. When needed, the pump can be equipped with a suction pipe.


Capacity (Q): Q 1.6 ~ 400m3/h 

Head (H): 5-100m 

Temperature (T): -20° C ~ 12° C



Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, mining, paper industry, cement plant, steel mills, waterworks, food and other industries.
Transporting various inorganic and organic acids, various salt solutions, and slurry of phosphate compound fertilizer equipment.

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