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  • ICJ Series Stainless Steel Chemical Centrifugal Pump
ICJ Series Stainless Steel Chemical Centrifugal Pump

ICJ Series Stainless Steel Chemical Centrifugal Pump


ICJ Series Stainless Steel Chemical Centrifugal Pump



ICJ series standard stainless steel chemical pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction cantilever centrifugal pumps. Its rated performance and installation dimensions are in accordance with international standard IS02858, manufacturing technical conditions are in accordance with IS05199, and structural design is in accordance with API610. 

This series of pumps is an improvement on the old series of pumps. It uses a cartridge mechanical seal and adopts various technical measures to reduce the shaft diameter runout to improve the performance of the pump and expand the scope of application. The pump can be used for corrosive suspensions containing solid particles.


Compared with old pumps, ICJ pumps have the following features. 

1). The large cone angle cavity of the shaft seal box makes the mechanical seal in a spacious cavity, cooperates with the back blade and the guide vane on the cavity, and forms a strong self-flushing flow field during operation, which can self-cool It is therefore particularly suitable for conveying media containing solid particles. 

2). The cartridge double-end mechanical seal effectively realizes the forced circulation cooling in the mechanical seal, which further extends the life of the mechanical seal. 

3). Thickened shaft diameter reduces the deflection of the rotor and ensures stable operation. The mechanical seal life is extended. 

4). LCJ pump has a simple structure and easy maintenance.



1) PN16 flange, PN20 ANSI standard optional (150 Ibs) 

2) Metal-to-metal pump body seal provides accurate O-ring compression and perfect positioning

3) The ribbed cone-shaped sealed cavity can reduce the speed of the medium in the cavity and reduce the accumulation of solid particles and bubbles 

4) The wear ring with grooves on the surface can avoid the risk of bite

5) While maintaining low NPSHr, the closed or semi-open impeller maintains efficient performance in a wide operating range

6) The wear disc is sealed with an O-ring 

7) The pump design makes the pump impeller easy to install and disassemble, self-locking (twice the key-linked impeller), and can withstand reverse rotation, ensuring strong and stable power transmission

8) Mechanical seals can choose a variety of sealing structures such as container type or assembled type

9) The large oil storage capacity of the bearing box can provide ideal bearing lubrication conditions

10) The adjustable bearing seat is convenient for adjusting the gap between the impeller and the wear disk

11) The material of the shaft is duplex stainless steel, which can provide high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance

12) Bearing protection adopts Inpro or equivalent oil seal

13) Back-to-back angular contact bearings can carry both high radial loads and high axial loads due to pulley drive

14) Roller bearings can carry high radial loads 



Flow Capacity: up to 400m3 / h

Total Head: up to 160m (525 ft) 

Max operating pressure: 16bar (232 PSI) 

Operating temperature range: up to 180 °C (356 °F) 

Max speed: up to 3600 rpm at 60Hz 

Greater flow capacity and higher head design is available on request.



Standard: 26/5/2 + Cu stainless steel, FT25 cast iron

Other materials can be provided upon request: ductile iron, Hastelloy, titanium, Inconel...


Application field 

Suitable for all industries 

Chemical industry 


Food processing 

Water treatment 

Pulp, paper...

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