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  • IZA Series Petrochemical Centrifugal Pump
IZA Series Petrochemical Centrifugal Pump

IZA Series Petrochemical Centrifugal Pump


IZA Series Petrochemical Centrifugal Pump


1) While maintaining low NPSHr, the closed impeller maintains high efficiency in a wide range

2) Other semi-open or open impeller configurations are available

3) Replaceable front (rear) pump body and impeller wear ring

4) The seal of the shaft is realized by the cartridge seal + API flushing solution

5) Provide sealed chambers in accordance with API682 and ISO21049

6) The one-piece heavy-duty cast bearing seat can ensure the optimization of the pump's rigidity

7) Fins can effectively cool the bearing box

8) Low deflection heavy rigid shaft

9) The liquid-retaining ring sealed bearing shell can prevent oil pollution, install Inpro or equivalent oil seal

10) Outlet size from 25mm to 500mm

11) The flange conforms to the ISO7005-1-PN50 standard, and other standard flanges can be provided

12) Central support of pump body, ISO13709 / API610 standard bottom plate

13) Roller bearings carry high radial loads

14) Back-to-back angular contact bearings carry high axial loads

15) Anti-spoiler

16) Standard pump drain



Capacity: up to 4500 m3 / h (19800 US gpm)

Total head: up to 320 m (1050 ft)

Maximum operating pressure: 60 bar (870PSI)

Temperature operating range: from -90 °C to + 400 °C (-130 to 752 °F)

Larger capacity and higher head designs are available upon request

Designs for higher operating temperatures are available o upon request



Materials according to API standards are: S5, S6, C6, A8, D1, D2

Other materials can be provided upon request




Petroleum gas

Offshore operations

General industry


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