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  • ICZ Series Standard Chemical Centrifugal Pump
ICZ Series Standard Chemical Centrifugal Pump

ICZ Series Standard Chemical Centrifugal Pump


ICZ Series Standard Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Design Features

1) The structure conforms to the ISO5199 standard, and the external dimensions conform to the ISO2858 standard

2) Structural design of the rear door: it can be disassembled without dismantling the pipeline and motor

3) Suitable for harsh continuous operating conditions

4) Bearing type: Three rolling contact bearings can be lubricated by oil or grease according to requirements

5) Open, semi-open or closed impeller

6) The shaft sleeve and O-ring fully protect the shaft from contacting the pumped medium

7) Standard single-end mechanical seal, double-end mechanical seal, tandem mechanical seal or cartridge mechanical seal can be installed

8) The mechanical seal is installed in the open sealed cavity

9) The pressure of the seal cavity is adjusted by the back blade of the impeller

10) Low NPSHr

11) Realize the maximum interchangeability of this series of pump-type parts

12) Most standard pump types can realize factory stock delivery

13) 316 stainless steel bracket can be produced according to demand

14) Heating jacket or cooling jacket can be provided according to demand

15) Optional: INPRO SEAL VBX bearing box labyrinth seal



Capacity: up to 780 m3 / h (3434 US gpm)

Total head: up to 160 m (525 ft)

Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar (232 PSI)

Temperature operating range: up to 350 ° C (center support)

Maximum speed: up to 3600rpm at 60Hz

Larger capacity and higher head designs are available upon request.



Cast steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel: A743CD4MCu

Advanced austenitic duplex stainless steel: A743CN7M

Other materials can be provided upon request: titanium, Hastelloy, nickel ...



Suitable for all industries

Chemical, petrochemical, steel, paper, food


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